High schools

Dear students, parents, teachers and all,
who are thinking about studying at a high school in a foreign country,

If you want to experience an unforgettable experience in another country, improve your foreign language skills, try to live in a different environment and attend a high school where their learning system differs a lot from our Czech education system, you have reached the right website 🙂

In which countries can you study your high school with us?

There are plenty of possibilities, let’s see them:

USA, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other interesting countries.

When we simplify it, studying a high school out of the Czech Republic, in any country you choose, is very similar. But, you usually live with your host family (in the case of boarding schools you live at a boarding school), you go to school, absorb the local culture and mentality, and you live the local life with the local habits.

But if we look at it from a broad perspective, each country is different, it has a different system and different conditions. So there is no point in writing many and many paragraphs about each country. The best you can do is to arrange a meeting with me and talk about each country you are interested in. I am here to explain you all the details.

I am very looking forward to meeting you.