Dear ladies and gentlemen,

It’s my pleasure to welcome you on my web page. If you want to find out more information about me, please read individual chapters of the web page. I have a huge international experience with studies and work. That is the reason why I decided to help Czech students with their studies abroad. I’m not focused on exchange programs, I aim at the whole Bachelor and Master studies in the US, Europe and Asia. Foreign study have many advantages compared to Czech study that are only about memorizing while the absolvents have no clue about practical life after finishing their degrees. I have meetings with students, parents, teachers and professors and I also negotiate with many universities and colleges about our cooperation. I don’t wait till someone comes to my office, I decided to address my clients at their places. My aim is to offer a large porfolio of foreign universities and colleges to my students. Last week, I participated at Gaudeamus fair in Prague that offers possibilities after high school. Students were very interested in my offer and that makes me very happy. I’m here to help Czech students in order to improve our state and thinking. I believe we will make it.

Have a great day.